Sunday, 6 October 2013


Tobacco consumers who choose not to quit in October have been showing their defiance and anger at their social exclusion over at the We're Not Quitting page of this campaign.

These Tabbers' Tales will run every day during the 28 days of #Octabber to show that not all smokers want to quit, those that enjoy their hobby should be considered when designing legislation, rather than attacked by it, and they demand the bullies in public health back off.

So follow Tabbers's Tales every day and if you are an adult tobacco consumer who doesn't want to quit, and is fed up at the abusive propaganda using the hateful Denormalisation tool, which attacks the person and not the product, then get in touch and tell your story about why you love your tabs and why you're not quitting. Email the

You can also find #Octabber on Facebook.


  1. I was gathered up at bayonet point,my crime smoking a cigarette in my local restaurant. A crime so vile to the prohibitionists that all measures must be taken to eradicate it! Hitler brain stormed this ideology himself a smokerphobe and creator of todays passive smoking junk science.
    Now sitting here in ASH's dungeon awaiting my sentence to the reeducation camp I roll up this Quit-Patch they forced upon in a moment of compassion to my withdrawels. My cellmate passes me the last of the rolling papers ie toilet paper as we slowly create a smoke. Luckily for us the guard is an avid arsonist and had a lighter on him........With a look of open eyed excitement the guard lit out creation thru the bars.

    Quite a hit with 4 times the normal nicotine within it I belched from the end with an acrid smell that soon had the chemical detectors singing in the gulag...........The doors quickly opened and a shout was heard to assemble in the prison square. My lurch to the opened door was halted when an Smokers rights bomber Blew the cell wall off and I lept to freedom in a dash! To my GREAT ASTONISHMENT it was none other than Pat Nurse saving my soul and right to smoke in one moment of despair!

    Its to her Resistance movement I pride my right to smoke and to all those others who lite up everyday as the TORCH OF FREEDOM is smelled round the world from those who will never yield to Hitlers demands and those who followed in his footsteps!


  2. Pat says The Resistance does not belong to her but to all who stand under its banner. N2D launched the concept and others like Pat have followed. Hopefully, she will have company when she comes to blast you out of the smokers' tank otherwise she might worry about breaking her nails on the bars ;)