Sunday, 27 October 2013



Leg-iron kindly agreed to post the last two Tabbers' Tales up on the We're Not Quitting Page in the Beleaguered Consumer's absence but he was unable to access it so posted the updates here on the home page. Big thanks are due for his help in keeping things going.

A link to the now deleted day 28 and Day 27 posts on the home page can now be found HERE

BC wasn't able to update the last two days of the campaign herself as she was shopping in a more civilised EU country for tobacco products (she discovered a lovely Irish Coffee cigarella and bought a few of those as well as her usual brand of hand rolling tobacco.)

Shopping abroad in countries that treat smokers as human beings is something she has done since 2007 in protest at the blanket ban and the UK Government wasting her cash on propaganda campaigns that aim to turn tobacco consumers into lepers. She isn't the only one judging from the number of tobacco tourists she met on the trip.

#Octabber aimed to mirror the 28 days of Stoptober by uploading daily tales from tabbers who don't want to quit but are angry at the continual propaganda, harassment and abuse they get because of such publicly funded quit campaigns.

They are the highest tax paying consumers. They deserve to be heard and they deserve to be taken into consideration when designing laws against them.

Big thanks are also due to all those who took part in and supported #Octabber. We not only reached our target but exceeded it and unlike Stoptober, we will continue to the end of the month.

News will follow in Smokevember - November to those of us who still know the real language of our monthly calendar - about what happens when the #Octabber campaign ends.

All together now - We're Not Quitting so leave us alone or expect a huge fight on your hands.

Sunday, 6 October 2013


Tobacco consumers who choose not to quit in October have been showing their defiance and anger at their social exclusion over at the We're Not Quitting page of this campaign.

These Tabbers' Tales will run every day during the 28 days of #Octabber to show that not all smokers want to quit, those that enjoy their hobby should be considered when designing legislation, rather than attacked by it, and they demand the bullies in public health back off.

So follow Tabbers's Tales every day and if you are an adult tobacco consumer who doesn't want to quit, and is fed up at the abusive propaganda using the hateful Denormalisation tool, which attacks the person and not the product, then get in touch and tell your story about why you love your tabs and why you're not quitting. Email the

You can also find #Octabber on Facebook.